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Peregian Springs/Peregian Breeze edition

A very cost-effective solution to letterbox drop marketing for your Sunshine Coast business

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Letterbox advertising has been overlooked due to the rise of emails, websites, and social media channels. The online space is crowded and competitive. Letterboxes, on the other hand, are quiet and often empty, making them the perfect place for your business to stand out!

Here's why The Little Book of Business Catalogue
May be the perfect Choice for you

Cost Effective

Printing & Delivering 3,000 A5 flyers yourself is a very costly exercise of your dollars and time. With us, you secure prime advertising space at a fraction of the cost.

Targeted Reach

Say goodbye to scattergun marketing. Our booklet ensures your message lands directly in the hands of your ideal customers - the residents of Peregian Springs and Peregian Breeze.


Secure your exclusive spot in the A5 size booklet and stand out as the go-to business in your industry. No competition within the booklet means all eyes on you and your brand. Conditions Apply.


The Little Book of Business is published quarterly, making it the perfect alternative for businesses with budget constraints or those seeking a less frequent print advertising option.

Advertising Rates


Full Page

There are two full page prime positions in the Business Catalogue - Back Cover and Inside Front Cover. If you are interested in one of these prime positions please contact

Half Page


Letterbox Local Deal

This represents amazing marketing value. We print & deliver the Letterbox Local Deal flyer all for $99 a spot per drop. Only one deal per business category. Get exclusivity for your category before your competition does!

Digital Edge

We are pleased to offer this fantastic add-on service to further extend the marketing life of your advertisement during each quarterly Business Catalogue you are part of.

Ad Design

If you need help to create your advertisement, we’ve got you covered.  We will use your brand assets (logo, colours, images) to create your full or half page advertisement.

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